Estate Planning** mainly involves advising and implementing appropriate strategies for the management of the transfer and distribution of a person’s estate following their death. The success of this process is based on Estate Planning Wills** incorporating provision for the establishment of individual, optional, discretionary testamentary trusts for beneficiaries.

Wills and Estate Planning** tasks also involve taking steps to ensure that during the client’s lifetime, their affairs can be managed on their behalf by trusted family members or friends in the event of temporary or permanent legal incapacity through injury or illness.

This is done through the complementary preparation of Enduring Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardian, with both initial appointees and substitutes nominated. Such legal appointments ensure that the client’s affairs can be managed without the involvement of the Office of the Protective Commissioner or the need to approach the Guardianship Tribunal.

Regrettably, the impact of poorly thought out or drafted Wills does not become apparent until the Will has been implemented by the Executor. Assisting executors with obtaining a Grant of Probate is where the quality of the will comes into clear focus and exposes the limitations of a poorly prepared Will, or one that does not meet the intentions of the Will maker, or the expectations of family beneficiaries.

Our Wills and Estate Planning Service** is provided by an incorporated legal practice (Dollar Growth Estate Planning Pty Ltd), and gives clients a sound framework to develop their own personal Will and Estate Plan** that enables their estate assets to be passed on in a suitable manner to their beneficiaries.

The Convenient Truth video presentation found on the www.retirelaw.com.au/dollargrowthgroup website illustrates the core advantages of Estate Planning in simple to understand terms, so that you can make the most informed decision about your estate for the future benefit of your family. For further information visit the website www.retirelaw.com.au or make an appointment to meet us face-to-face.

Other Professional Services
**Professional services advice other than Financial Planning advice, are licensed by their own individual Professional Associations and are therefore not endorsed by PJSBA Pty Ltd as annotated above.