The Dollar Growth Financial Advantage

What we at Dollar Growth Financial Group** can deliver to you in this regard is a rational basis of managing the tension between living a lifestyle of your choice, finding strategic ways to meet necessary tax obligations, service debt and, provide an overall framework of prudent financial arrangements to strengthen your ongoing financial security and well-being, and/or the efficiency and profitability of your business.

The Dollar Growth Financial Advantage draws on the combined in-house resources of an integrated and mature business, including:

  • - Dollar Growth Financial Planning Pty. Ltd.*
  • - Dollar Growth Tax & Accounting Strategies Pty. Ltd.** 
  • - Dollar Growth Estate Planning Pty. Ltd.**
  • - Dollar Growth Business Services Pty. Ltd.**


The strength of this business approach is our depth of experience and the combined problem solving capacities we can immediately draw on and utilise to focus on your personal circumstances. ‘On the spot, and on the job. ‘

The power to instantly mobilise these considerable resources is The Dollar Growth Financial Advantage.


Our Vision

To be on hand to provide expert advice to help grow and protect the financial well-being of our clients, at all stages of their life, and across generations.

Our Mission

To ensure that financial and agreed life stage goals are managed in a  coordinated and understanding way to deliver long-term security, asset protection and peace of mind.

To provide quality on-going professional advice on a wide range of financial and personal wealth management issues, using the combined resources of Dollar Growth Financial Group and the widest possible understanding of clients’ individual needs and circumstances.

 To be ethical, honest and transparent at all times in the way clients’ financial and related personal affairs matters are managed, while taking great care to nurture strong personal relationships.

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Financial Planning Services
*Advice provided by Dollar Growth Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. as Corporate Authorised Representative (321108) of PJSBA Pty Ltd. AFSL: 480991 ABN 57 606 215 356.

Philip Enger (Number 239393), Simon Enger (Number 274975), and Handan Dikici (Number 288307) are authorised representatives of PJSBA Pty Ltd.

Other Professional Services
**Professional services advice other than Financial Planning advice, are licensed by their own individual Professional Associations and are therefore not endorsed by PJSBA Pty Ltd. as annotated above.