Self Managed SUPER FUNDS

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s)* give a person the ability to control and fine-tune their financial future.

However, there is a need for constant and continuing attention to investment management in regard to administration and tax matters to obtain good investment performance and to meet the administration and legal obligations on trustees. Continuing investment management tends to be relatively more important in relation to medium-risk investments such as shares or property and not quite so significant in relation to short- or medium-term fixed-interest investments. In times of rising inflation though, trustees need to be mindful that there may not be significant growth in fixed-interest investments, so the capital may reduce in real value.

It is a feature of this hands-on approach that clients who want to borrow to purchase property can do so from within the SMSF environment.

For most trustees of self managed superannuation funds, continuing attention is not a problem because even if the trustees of the fund are self-employed business people or executives, who work long hours or who travel considerably, the internet allows ready access to most of the information they would need and email allows them to keep in touch with their advisers.

While it is clearly not for everyone, the advantages of self managed superannuation funds underpin the great growth of self managed superannuation funds over the last few years especially.

Dollar Growth Financial Planning* can help you through this set up process and to advise you on your ongoing 'self-appointed Superannuation Trustee' obligations.


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