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Financial Planning* is important because it is the driving force in the way people are able to achieve ongoing efficiency in the way they manage their financial affairs and their life goals.

Dollar Growth Financial Group** are proud of the strong loyalty shown by its clients to Advisers who have looked after their needs over many years. The strong bonding that is necessary to make the financial partnership between clients and their professional Adviser work effectively is a key feature of the success of Dollar Growth Financial Group**.

Our business provides personalised, individual financial planning now and ongoing. Our ongoing client service philosophy has been designed to meet the varying and changing needs of clients as they progress through life. We have a range of tailored services available which cover the ongoing management of the asset portfolio and the regular personal contact with the adviser.

Dollar Growth Financial Group** can assist by giving advice in the following areas:

  • Wealth Creation
    Retirement Planning
    Life Insurance
    Personal Risk Management
    Corporate Superannuation
    Portfolio Management
    Business Insurance
    Succession Planning
    Self Managed Super Funds
    Self Managed Pension Funds



Planning ahead and keeping a close eye on other elements in the total financial mix is becoming increasingly important to avoid costly and penalising situations.

Increasingly there are specific dates, sums of money, limits to be observed, opportunities to be taken advantage of, etc. that are announced by the tax office and budget announcements. Failure to act in time and in an appropriate manner can result in enormous loss and other long term consequences.

Accounting Strategies is not simply about crunching numbers – it is all about problem solving, and our staff thrive on the challenge of providing solutions to clients’ problems, be they large or small.

Dollar Growth Tax and Accounting** take special care to ensure mistakes and omissions are avoided. The other business partners in the Dollar Growth Financial Group** play a key role in the way these matters are strategically implemented.

Dollar Growth Financial Group** can assist in the following areas:

Individual Tax Returns
Company Tax Returns
Trust Tax Returns
Partnership Tax Returns
Salary Packaging
Tax Planning
Tax Structuring
Business Advisory Services
Small Business Capital Gains Tax Planning
Superannuation Planning


The nature and strategic importance of debt management is rapidly evolving into a very specialised area of economic planning.

Crucial issues of types of debt, debt restructuring to take advantage of interest rate opportunities and so reduce the cost of borrowing have to be addressed far more often than in the past.

A mortgage and loans writers expertise is often sought by the financial adviser to advise clients on sources of funds that may allow investments to be geared, such as shares or property. Bruce Carr works side by side with financial advisers with clients needing mortgage funding to achieve their goals.

Loanscape is highly adept at producing outstanding debt restructuring strategies.

Dollar Growth Financial Group** can therefore assist by giving advice in the following areas:

Personal Loans
Business Loans
Investment Loans
Lo-Doc Loans
Commercial Loans
Leasing - equipment, motor vehicle and computers
Debtors Lending
Development / Mezzanine Finance
Equity Loans
Reverse Mortgages



Wills and estate planning** involves not only designing strategies for the efficient transfer and distribution of your estate should there be a need, but also the detailed planning of arrangements to come into force in the event of temporary or permanent legal incapacity through injury or illness.

We ensure the pain of a dearly departed is followed by a clear passing of assets to the beneficiaries, in a way that minimises loss of value through heavy tax obligations and unnecessary disputes.

Dollar Growth Financial Group** can assist by giving advice in the following areas:

Estate Planning Advice
Individual Trusts
Discretionary Testamentary Trusts

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Financial Planning Services
*Advice provided by Dollar Growth Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. as Corporate Authorised Representative (321108) of PJSBA Pty Ltd. AFSL: 480991 ABN 57 606 215 356.

Philip Enger (Number 239393), Simon Enger (Number 274975), and Handan Dikici (Number 288307) are authorised representatives of PJSBA Pty Ltd.

Other Professional Services
**Professional services advice other than Financial Planning advice, are licensed by their own individual Professional Associations and are therefore not endorsed by PJSBA Pty Ltd. as annotated above.