Financial PLANNING

At Dollar Growth Financial Planning* our objective is to get to know and understand client lifestyle needs, and their long-term aspirations.  Our ‘Advice for Life’ approach to financial advice reflects the importance we place on personal relationships, as life needs of clients change over time. This is the genesis of what we at Dollar Growth Financial Planning are all about, working together for a secure future.

The Financial Advisers at Dollar Growth Financial Group are the driving force behind this strong personal relationship driven approach to developing and maintaining strategic financial action plans for clients and their families. The financial planning team is supported by a team of dedicated allied professionals** who are always on hand to provide expert advice on issues that emerge during discussions.

Professional business partners** include: Tax Accountants, Estate Lawyers, experts on home and business loans financing, and Business Services Analysts. This Team approach to financial planning issues never fails to deliver outstanding results for clients, whatever their needs and difficulties are. This is what has become known as ‘The Dollar Growth Advantage’: a process that tries to leave nothing to chance.

The process is very straight-forward. We sit down with clients to document their short, medium and long term lifestyle and financial goals. We then discuss how realistic these objectives are and what threats and/or opportunities may arise that may enhance/hinder them. With this short list of objectives in place and knowledge of their current financial position and future goals in mind, the adviser is in a position to discuss varying concepts with clients to achieve the nominated goals.

Following the conceptual planning stage, the Dollar Growth Financial Adviser* will consult with the respective members of the Dollar Growth Financial Group** to ensure that all relevant issues and aspects have been identified and covered. The findings will then be documented, and will constitute the first stage of the Client’s Financial Plan. The Dollar Growth Financial Group planner will then brief the client by presenting the information contained in the prepared document. At this point the client will be asked to rank their service requirements in a timeline for completion.

Detailed analysis of the ranked issues will subsequently be prepared and presented to the client for final consideration before any decision is made to proceed.

We find that most people link the term “Financial Planner” with someone that advises purely on how to invest money. I hope we have demonstrated that the Dollar Growth Financial Group process is much more than that, and that it is in fact an ongoing personal journey with a team of people involving not only your Financial Advisor* but a larger pool of professionals working together at Dollar Growth Financial Group**.

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Financial Planning Services
*Advice provided by Dollar Growth Financial Planning Pty. Ltd. as Corporate Authorised Representative (321108) of PJSBA Pty Ltd. AFSL: 480991 ABN 57 606 215 356..

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Other Professional Services
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