Meet the Dollar Growth Financial Planning TEAM

Philip Enger

Financial Adviser and Executive Chairman - Dollar Growth Financial Group

B.Ec, F.Fin

● Philip has been in the finance/banking advice business for thirty three years and is the founding partner and patriarch of Dollar Growth, which was established in 1989. Today the business continues to grow and now operates under the name Dollar Growth Financial Group.

● In his role as Principal Financial Adviser of the Group, Philip has moulded a highly professional team of experts dedicated to providing clients with a uniquely insightful way of assessing and implementing strategies that are designed to reflect and anticipate clients’ current and future needs and circumstances.

● In his role as Executive Chairman of Dollar Growth Financial Group, Philip is mindful of the need to look to the future by having in place contemporary systems and staff capable of serving the needs and values of younger as well as more mature clients. To this end he has groomed and now appointed his son, Simon Enger as Managing Director.

● The family business is in sound hands to carry on the tradition of serving and respecting client needs above all. As we say, we provide Advice for Life.



Simon Enger

Senior Financial Adviser &Managing Director - Dollar Growth Financial Group

Cert. Inv. & FP, (ITC), Dipl. Financial Services

● Simon has dual responsibilities: as Managing Director he oversees the operational side of the Dollar Growth Financial Group business to ensure each arm of the business is working effectively and is contributing to the overall advice pool needed by clients at any time; and, he has primary responsibility for all technical systems and operational issues development in the financial planning business to facilitate the effective administration of clients’ affairs and communications.

● He also has a very important role in researching, and monitoring investment managers that are used within client portfolios at Dollar Growth. As well as monitoring and implementing legislative and industry obligations to protect clients’ rights and interests.

● As a financial adviser with over ten years experience, Simon works in conjunction with other advisers in the practice on a range of clients related matters.

● Simon has worked in the financial advice industry since the 1990’s and is accredited by the Australian Stock Exchange to provide advice on listed investments.

Handan Dikici

Senior Financial Adviser - Dollar Growth Financial Planning

B.Com (Econ), Dipl. Financial Services

● Handan is Senior Financial Adviser who joined the industry in 2002.

● She has over ten years dealing with clients; a vast and diverse skill base in portfolio management, and a finely developed and personalised way of building relationships with clients.

● She has a university degree in economics and so has a technical understanding of how economic issues and developments may impact on client portfolios and securities.

● Handan has particular abilities and experience in portfolio management, retirement planning, the development of wealth creation strategies and most importantly, a deep commitment to servicing clients’ needs and expectations.



Financial Planning Services
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Other Professional Services
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