Dollar Growth Business Services was formed by George Jakab as part of an initiative that recognised a growing need in the market place for a professional diagnostic review process that could help businesses achieve peak performance. In this context achieving ‘peak performance’ should be seen not an absolute ‘at any cost’ objective but a goal that is defined by the need for sustainable development through ongoing qualitative improvements to (and reform of) ongoing business practices.

Business survival and /or success in an economic and social environment dominated by escalating energy costs, a tight and increasingly underskilled labour market, intense competition and the ever-present threat of interest rate hikes, depends on the ability and capacity of management to adapt its human resources and operations systems to recognise and cope with short and long term threats and opportunities. Defining and understanding the needs of the target market is essential in this process.

Company growth and expansion is not the same as sustainable development. While sustainable development is all about nurturing increased business activity within manageable cost parameters, growth and expansion is more risk and resources intensive and therefore potentially less sustainable.

The DGBS diagnostic approach relies on evaluating a business from the perspective of overall ‘wellbeing-ness’ with the objective of working towards achieving peak performance through systematic and incremental improvements. While the objective is to grow the rewards (both financial** and aspirational) from business activity the systems and values that drive the business activity must be efficiently deployed and be sustainable over time.