As part of our 25 year celebration, the Dollar Growth Financial Group is offering up to 2 hours of our time totally obligation free, to allow you to assess the viability of allowing us to handle your financial affairs.
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WE have reached an important milestone!

Our story began on 26th April, 1989 as a modest Accountancy practice, in Beverley Hills. At the time all we possessed was a determination to succeed, much like any start-up business. Fortunately, we also had invaluable corporate business experience, and the discipline that came with it.

We kept our feet on the ground and are now proud to announce that the small business that became Dollar Growth Financial Group is celebrating its 25th year of operation.

As our mark of appreciation we wish to acknowledge that our success is to a large extent due to the high degree of loyalty our Clients have shown us over the years. You have supported us over the years, through good times and bad: through volatile gyrations of the financial markets, and amid enormous turbulance and uncertainty created by the Global Financial Crisis.

To all of you we say: thank you, a whole hearted thank you!

To our new Clients, we say: welcome to the family.



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